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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. One post every day in WHO; one post every week in WHEN; and one post every fortnight in WHAT. Subscribe below to get notified... Continue Reading →

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Earth on fire ?

As many as 80,000 fires have occurred in the Brazil area of the Amazon this year itself - a 77% hike year-on-year, as per the official data released as of August. As threatening to indigenous lives as it is, our planet earth relies heavily on these forests as well. Source: NASA It is said that... Continue Reading →

042 Early Mornings..

There is a thing about early mornings and getting out of those greens you loose some, you gain some only to fulfill your dreams.. no more excuses no more snoozing alarms choosing to sacrifice a little something that doesn't harms.. on days it takes a toll on you and nothing seems upright on days you... Continue Reading →

041 Connection..

It is beautiful when you connect with someone of like mind as if one plus one is eleven it just seems for a while.. no matter the world is against you no matter nothing seems right there is a flow in it, only you and your buddy can sigh.. it can be your mom or... Continue Reading →

040 All gloomy and dark..

There is a sky somewhere all gloomy and dark roaring from a distance as furious as a shark.. it is ready to pour down every drop of cold shower carrying within a spark of lightening and power.. oh, beware when it hits you for it will sweep away all all that is in its way... Continue Reading →

039 For 10K..

Got up at 3:15 am and left home by 4:15 it was for ten kilometres running was the dream.. unprepared as always knowing the consequences nothing was stopping me this time not even the sore haunches.. and then in all the madness of the jersey number i took to the road to be the finisher... Continue Reading →

038 Hi Gunjan..

Hi Gunjan ! nice to meet you i am unable to forget your face that sweet smile everytime has tricked me to be on the chase.. while you are busy editing i check everyday if you are still there trying to talk to you to know you just in case.. i can offer you apples... Continue Reading →

Kashmir in good hands ?

In a historic event, our beloved Prime Minister has scrapped Article 370 and Article 35A of the Constitution of India. Thereby liberating the whole J&K region from the supremacy of its state leaders and unites it with the whole of India. Atleast that is what the favouring people are likely to come forward with. Source:... Continue Reading →

037 Line of fire..

Often you are pushed away and are forced to hear a no as if they have all the power to decide and dictate the show.. no matter how much you want to retaliate but the situation demands to beg for your own fate.. even at that time remember your self respect remember the line of... Continue Reading →

036 With my heart..

Sometimes i am in doubt with what to choose from with the things i have on my plate in many ways i can go wrong.. should i go with the money or should i be with my heart should i take the tradition or should i tread the forgotten path.. i want to speak out... Continue Reading →

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